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  The Planetary Society (TPS) welcomes you to a journey of inspiration and discovery as we explore Mars through the visions of artists, scientists, engineers, and astronauts who have turned their creative energies into wonderful paintings, stories, music, architecture, intelligent machines, human space flight, and much more. Even now, robotic spacecraft are engaged in brave missions to learn more about the "red planet". We are happy that you are joining us as we plan for the long–term adventure to Mars.

Initially, intelligent machines will pave the way by measuring important properties of this remote and alluring world. Later, humans will make the trip and establish the first colonies. We want you to gather information from this website and from your mentors, think about it carefully, creatively try your hand at designing a small village on Mars for 100 humans, and then submit your ideas.

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Meet Your Host
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Host with model of Cassini spacecraft for interview with Space News in October 1997.
Photo courtesy of Half City Productions.

  Your host for this journey of discovery is Charles Kohlhase, who has devoted most of his life to leading the design of robotic missions to the planets, with the Voyager Grand Tour his favorite. He is also a teacher, writer, designer, environmentalist, and artist. As you know, there are many different disciplines within the broad fields of "the arts" and "the sciences" that play vital roles in shaping the outcome of any new community. The engineers and astronauts will help us survive, the artists will raise our spirits, and the scientists will discover new things.

There are also many different "systems" that must fit properly together to form a healthy whole. Understanding these systems will help you in seeing the "big picture" as you try to design an enduring village on Mars. And this understanding will also help you to improve your own communities on Earth.

Through this look into the future, the focus will be from the eyes of creative people who represent 21 different areas of human endeavor. Inspiration will be drawn as they describe why they chose their particular fields, how they create, how they sometimes blend their special skills to enhance the final result, and what ideas they might suggest for the Martian village. It is believed that what they have to offer will excite young people to find their own spark and pursue their own special dreams. We are indebted to these people for voluntarily sharing their own personal visions with the many students and their mentors who visit this website. Please continue to learn what was discovered in making this wonderful journey . . .

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