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Dewitt Jones  –  photographer and motivational speaker
" The works I have crafted are all part of a much larger creation –– my life. "
How were you motivated to choose your particular field?
  I fell in love. I fell in love with the beauty of the world and the way photography allowed me to capture it; I fell in love with a vision of how I wanted to live my life and the way motivational speaking might allow me to attain it. As I fell in love two things happened: first, a vision that might be ordinary to others became extraordinary in my eyes; second, like all who fall in love, I was overwhelmed with passion, the energy needed to bring my vision into reality, to turn imagination into imagin-action.   Click for larger image
What can you share about your creative process?
    I seldom think of the " value" of my work. Whether my work endures or not is up to others, not me. The works I have crafted are all part of a much larger creation  –– my life. That's ultimately what we're all here to create. So where do I first publish my photographs? In my life: in who I am and how I act everyday. If I had a wish, I would want to live like a glorious sunset or a tiny blooming flower – to just put out the very best I have everyday without any regard to whether it's received or not – just for the joy of it. That to me would be a work of enduring value.  
What ideas do you have for a future human community on Mars?
  If I were to start a new community, clean slate, on another planet, I would make sure that community had a mechanism for continuously staying in touch with their intentions, their values, and their vision. If we elevate ourselves all the way to Mars, without elevating the way in which we live and love and interact to the very best that we are capable of, in the final analysis, what have we really done. Great scientific achievement should go hand-in-hand with great human achievement. Too much to ask? Well, at the very least, we should strive for the possibility. Hard work, determination and perseverance balanced with joy, love, wonder, and gratitude.  
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